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4 December 1987
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Hey! So about me eh? well hopefully you know me since we are friends...but just in case you want to know more about me cause i am your friend (even tho you should know this about me already because we are friends and you should know i am AWESOME!)..... I go to NIU (Northern Illinois University) My family & friends are everything to me! (this includes you here, picture you name here!) I like going out partying, movies, cuddling, dancing, laughing, joking around, all that fun stuff... I love playing sports, sports are a big part of my life (basically soccer is my life). I love soccer, basketball, volleyball and even Golf, yeah I'm like a pro- no joke!....I can be funny sometimes, i love making people laugh...it brings joy to my days. I work hard for what i want. I'm a leader, I'm responsible, and i have fun doing it. I'm not a very serious person unless I know i have to be... I live to loose myself in music! I like this quote: "I'm just a goof...looking for my ball" One thing I hate: pickles, they are evil. Just like snakes and spiders. Lastly, I find enjoyment in being a smartass!...but more funny than mean of course!

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